Council Place 3


Katherine Reading was elected to serve as Councilmember Place 3 in May 2018. Prior to the election, Reading served her community on the Planning & Zoning Commission from 2017-2018. She was appointed to the following City Council Committees in 2018:
  • Appointments & Council Policies
  • Community & Intergovernmental Relations
  • Governance & Stewardship


Reading's priorities as a councilmember include:
  • Ensuring a fiscally responsible government
  • Being proactive with updates to the City Charter, codes and ordinances
  • Strengthening industry to diversify the tax base for residents while continuing to support the city's Economic Development team's efforts
  • Ensuring public parks meet the needs of residents
  • Bringing family entertainment to Burleson

Personal Life

Councilmember Reading is a dedicated military wife and stay-at-home mother of two. She is the owner and founder of Planners by Pearl which specializes in making planners for moms who stay at home, work professionally, or own small businesses. She has a strong desire to increase the involvement of women in local government and is active in the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce Power of Heels. Reading believes that mothers and fathers are a cornerstone of leadership, and raising children to be adults is of the utmost importance and the largest contribution within our community.