If You Like It, Lock It

Prevent vehicle burglaries
“If you like it, lock it.” That’s the Burleson Police Department’s catchy slogan for getting you to start thinking about how not to be a victim.

Do you like your cell phone? IPod? Laptop computer? Jewelry? Money (yes, even that slush fund you keep in the console)? How about your purse, and all of your identifying information that goes along with it?
Police siren 2!.jpg
As summer approaches and you spend more time outdoors, you might be using your vehicle to store your valuables as you shop from store to store, attend tournament games, and even hit those outdoor concerts. Thieves are looking out for someone like you, so you have to look out for yourself.

Lock Your Car

Lock your car - if you like it, lock it. Remove valuables and carry with you only what you need to conduct your business for that particular outing. If you can’t take your valuables with you, conceal them. Unplug the car charger and the GPS. Store the CDs. Don’t let the strap of your purse, camera bag, or golf bag show when you stow it. If you are going to stow valuables, do it before you get in your car to drive to your next stop. Always assume a thief is watching you and outsmart them. A thief is always looking for an easy, quick mark, and that mark is an unlocked vehicle and plenty of valuables within easy reach to choose from.

What’s on your prevention checklist? Park in a high traveled area. Lock your vehicle. Take your valuables with you. And remove from plain sight the things you can’t carry with you. It’s easy to remember. If you like it, lock it!

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