Library Customers

Burleson Public Library facilities, services, programs, and materials are available to any individual. 
The Burleson Public Library endorses a policy that welcomes all library customers.

Library Cards

Customers may check out materials from the library by using a valid library card.
  1. The Burleson Public Library will issue library cards to all city residents, property, and business owners who make appropriate application.
  2. Young adults (13-17) may receive their library card upon presenting valid identification and proof of residency, alternatively, the young adult residing in Burleson or having a parent or legal guardian residing in Burleson may present a signed application from that parent or legal guardian. Young adults without a parent or legal guardian signature are limited to borrowing materials owned by the Burleson Public Library.
  3. Burleson City Business Owners may apply for a business library card by completing the appropriate application and accepting responsibility for materials checked out on that card.
  4. Those customers not residing within the Burleson city limits must provide proof of residency, submit an appropriate application and pay a fee in order to obtain an annual library card, or may volunteer to earn a library card.
  5. The Burleson Public Library will issue library cards to City of Burleson employees and Burleson Independent School District teachers and administrative staff.


The Burleson Public Library recognizes and endorses the premise that customers’ library records are confidential in nature and are not public record. The Burleson Public Library Advisory Board affirms the contention by the United States Supreme Court and the Attorney General of the State of Texas that without confidentiality of customer records there would be a “chilling effect” on the free access of information by individuals for their private use. The staff of the Library and the Director will follow established procedures to ensure that the records remain confidential.

Customer Responsibilities

The Burleson Public Library endorses the premise that Library customers have the following responsibilities:
  1. Respect public property;
  2. Respect the rights and property of others;
  3. Comply with posted Library and City procedures and regulations;
  4. Make suggestions perceived by the customer as desirable;
  5. Comply with Safe Child Policy (see Appendix);
  6. The Burleson Public Library subscribes to all applicable copyright laws and acts.

Safe Child Policy

The staff of the Burleson Public Library welcome parents and children to our library, and hope the library is perceived as an inviting and fun place. We encourage families to visit our library, to take advantage of the resources available, and to develop a love of reading and libraries.

The Burleson Public Library staff is here to serve you, and has many duties to perform in order to meet the needs of all our patrons in the best way possible. In order to serve all library patrons, the library staff cannot monitor the whereabouts or behavior of our youngest patrons.  When your child is in the library, the library staff cannot assume the responsibility for your child’s care.

Parents are reminded that unexpected events can occur while their children are unattended. The library staff’s primary concern is your child’s safety. Parents or caregivers of children under ten years of age must assume responsibility for their child’s behavior at all times while in the library. 

For the safety and protection of all library users, the Burleson Public Library has adopted the following Safe Child Policy:
  • Children nine and under may not be left unattended in any part of the library.
  • While in the library, parents and caregivers are responsible for their child’s behavior and for ensuring that their children follow library rules and regulations.
  • During library sponsored programs, if their children are nine and under, parents or caregivers must remain with their child in the library.
  • If a child nine or under is found unattended in the library, library staff will attempt to locate the parent/caregiver in the library. If the caregiver cannot be located, the library will place the child in the care of the Burleson Police Department.