Reference Services

The Burleson Public Library recognizes the importance of providing professional references services in-person, by telephone, fax, or e-mail. Although every effort will be made to respond to all reference inquiries, the Library Staff is not authorized to offer advice or opinions concerning medical, legal, tax, or consumer topics.

Interlibrary Loan

The Burleson Public Library endorses active participation in the nationwide “interlibrary loan” program as a basis for expanding the information and resource available to Burleson cardholders. User fees imposed by loaning institutions will be the responsibility of the requesting customer.

Texshare Card

A TexShare card allows customers of one library to have access to the material resources of a cooperating library at no extra charge. 

To be eligible, a customer must be a Burleson Library cardholder with Burleson Public Library as their “home library.” 

Application will be made in person at the Burleson Public Library. TexShare cards will be renewed annually. 

TexShare cards will be invalidated should the customer keep materials beyond the normal loan period or incur fees that are not cleared in a reasonable period of time.

Computer Access

By providing access to the Internet as an information resource, the library’s goal is to enhance its existing collection in size and depth, giving opportunity to citizens who wish to take advantage of the information available. Integrating electronic resources from outside networks with the Library’s many other resources allows access to international ideas, information, and commentary. 
  1. Public computers at the Library are available for research, entertainment and communication purposes. Staff will assist as needed.
  2. A valid Burleson Public Library card or MetroShare consortium member library card is required for Internet use. 
  3. The Library offers internet access to computer users. Parents and/or parent representatives are responsible for their child/children and should monitor their access and usage of the internet. 
  4. Library customers should be aware that there is no guarantee that information available through Internet use is accurate or complete. This is especially important when searching for information related to medical topics, legal topics or tax advice. 
  5. All computer users should avoid revealing personal information while using computer services. Public Library computers are not private and personal information on the screen can be viewed by others. 
  6. Burleson Library computer users must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws while accessing the Internet and with all Library policies and procedures. Library users may not: 
    • Access the Internet with someone else’s card
    • Use Library computers for any illegal purposes
    • Delete, add to or modify installed hardware or software
    • View, display, or print explicit images in violation of federal, state or local laws
    • Engage in any activity that is harassing or defamatory
    • Make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software
  7. Misuse of the computer or the posted rules for Internet access will result in the loss of library privileges.   Illegal acts involving the Library’s Internet and electronic resources may be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities.

Meeting Rooms

The Burleson Public Library provides meeting space primarily for use by the Library to present Library or City sponsored programs. When not in use for Library or City of Burleson sponsored events, meeting rooms may be reserved for programs or events that are consistent with the Library’s mission. The library reserves the right to cancel reservations for meeting rooms if the space is needed for Library or City related activities. 

Meetings that take place in these spaces must be open to the public and may not charge fees, accept donations, or solicit goods or services. The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the library does not in any way constitute library endorsement. All meetings must follow the established Meeting Room Guidelines.

Exhibits and Displays 

The display cases of the Library are for the purpose of highlighting the Library’s programs, services, and collections and to present special informative exhibits for the community.

The Library display cases are used at the discretion of the Library staff for short duration exhibits. Neither the Burleson Public Library nor the City of Burleson is liable for loss or damage to exhibit items. Individuals loaning items for exhibit will be informed of the policy and must complete the Customer Exhibit Release Form.

Hours of Operation & Closings 

The Burleson Public Library Advisory Board shall recommend to the Burleson City Council public service hours for the Library. The hours of operation per week are dependent on budget, staffing levels, and use patterns.

Other Services: 

  1. Public photocopier available to make personal copies;
  2. Printing materials from the public computer terminals (the Library does not provide refunds for customer printing errors).
  3. Self-service outgoing fax services.
The charges will be set according to the City of Burleson Fee Schedule.