Shonuff! Studio

Shonuff! Studio consists of Partners and “draw-matic duo” Halo Sama and Terry Parr, professional artists in the industry for over a decade! With Halo’s cartoon anime style & Terry’s comic pin-up style, they can handle any art project thrown at them!

They are currently working on their own comics, AEROBICIDE, The Extreme Ninja Workout, published by APE Entertainment and The Essential Zombie Kitty Pet Guide, published by Dusk Comics. They drew and colored artwork for the El Peso Hero comic series and even had an award-winning design on TeeFury!

Their clients also include the largest anime conventions in North America, such as Project AKON and Anime Fest. They have also designed advertising materials for the City of Fort Worth Parks Department and The Burleson Public Library. They also founded the Sketch Dojo program that connects local and indie artists with each other to improve their skills and form a positive art community. 


Songbird Beauty

Songbird Beauty was created by artist/crafter, Lisa Cossentino. She is a professional opera singer and in the last few years became passionate about creating pixel art designs.

She began her business four years ago only crafting bead sprites, but her love of pixel art has expanded her abilities to create her own fanart designs, turning them into stickers, buttons, prints, and more!

She recently moved to the Saginaw area and is happy to become part of the DFW artist community. She enjoys conventions, meeting fellow artists and fans. She spends her free time with her husband Keith, and two dogs Mocha and Fiona.

She can be followed on Facebook Page and Instagram.

Songbird Beauty Picture