Continuous Process Improvement Projects

Completed Projects

Issuing a Library Card (Library)
Pet Adoptions Ensuring Spay/Neuter (Animal Services)
Internal Communication Improvement (Police)
Improvement of Field Training (Police)
Jail Processes (Police)
New Hire Process and Services (Human Resources)
Improvement of Equipment Services Processes (Public Works)
Maintenance Cost Improvements (Public Works)
Front Lobby Flow Improvement (BRiCk)
Membership Process Improvement (BRiCk)

Projects Currently in Progress

RFID and Customer Service Experience (Library)
Data Review and Case Compliance (Code Enforcement)
Employment Forms and Availability Review (Human Resources)
Internal Help Desk System Flow (Information Technology)
Evaluation of 1295 Form Procedures (City Secretary/Finance)
Energy and Water Conservation Review (City Manager's Office)