Voting Members

The Youth Council consist of twenty-eight (28) voting members, all of whom shall reside within the corporate limits of the City or the City’s extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) and are appointed by the City Council.

Twenty-Five (25) of the Youth Council members are between the ages of 13 and 19, who broadly represent the diversity of thought and experience among the youth of Burleson. 
Three (3) members consist of Counselors or Educators from an Independent School District.
Rockford Rudd - BISD Adult Voting Member
Paula Peckham - BISD Adult Voting Member
Counselor or Educator from an Independent School District - OPEN
If you are interested in an Adult Voting Member position, please fill out the Adult Voting Member Application. 
Photo of Noah Peters
Photo of Lindsey Douglas
James Miller
Grayson Drietner
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Photo of Maci Fletcher
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Photo of Case Osborn
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Photo of Hunter Preston
Photo of Vanessa Sexton
Photo of Hayley Vasquez
Photo of Jordan Wayson
Photo of Rockford Rudd
Photo of Paula Peckham

Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members

The following are ex-officio, non-voting members of the Youth Council:


The Mayor of the City of Burleson; - Mayor Ken Shetter

One (1) Member of the Burleson City Council; - Ronnie Johnson, Council Place 6

One (1) Member of the Board of Directors from the Burleson Independent School District; -OPEN

One (1) City staff member appointed by the City Manager to serve as a non-voting, staff liaison to the Youth Council; - Lisa Poteete

Three (3) Counselors or Educators from an Independent School District; - OPEN

One (1) Member of the Burleson Community At Large; and, - OPEN

Law enforcement Liaisons - Terry Hambley and Louis Giddings

If you are interested in an Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Member position, please contact Lisa Poteete at 817-426-9682.


Photo of Lisa Poteete
Photo of Mayor Shetter
Photo of Ronnie Johnson
Photo of Terry Hambley
Louis MYC