Road Construction Projects

Hulen Street

The long anticipated construction of the extension of Alsbury Boulevard from Hulen Street to Cathy Drive is underway. Significant improvements will be made to the intersection of Hulen Street and Alsbury Boulevard. This work will require the closure of Hulen Street to traffic beginning July 14, 2016. The closure and detour will remain in place until approximately September 2, 2016. Please reference the map for the detour route . All property owners located between CR 1016 and CR 1020 will have access to their properties at all times. 

Hillery Street

Hillery Street will be under construction between Wilshire and Cindy for approximately 180 days. The project includes complete reconstruction of the existing water and sewer systems. This includes new mains and service lines to each property/meter. The sewer lines will generally be replaced to the right-of-way line and the water service lines will be replaced to the meter. Disturbed lawns will be sodded with matching type of grass. When the utility work is complete, the street will be resurfaced with new asphalt. Residents are asked to not park on the street during construction if possible. 

Douglas Street

The sidewalk construction on Douglas is a portion of a project which includes off-street walking/bicycle trails, striping on Summercrest, Thomas and McAlister for bicycle lanes, a traffic circle at Thomas and Summercrest and other improvements on Summercrest near the BRiCk. This project is expected to be complete early 2017. 

For questions on the above projects, contact Lance Barton at 817-426-9621.

Annual Mill and Overlay Program

The annual mill and overlay project is scheduled to begin on July 25, 2016.  This consists of removing and replacing 2 inches of pavement on select streets, which include:
  • Irene St. - Hidden Creek Parkway to Steven St.
  • Arnold Ave. - Steven St. to concrete transition (just past Vaden Ave.)
  • Vaden Ave. - Arnold St. to 1050 Vaden Ave. (phase transition)
  • Sundown Trl. - NW Summercrest to NW Wintercrest
  • Sundown Ct. - Sundown Trl. to Court
  • SW Wilshire Ext. -  McNairn to dead end (Suzanne Terr.)
  • Springhill Dr. - Parkridge Blvd. to 949 Springhill Dr. (phase transition)
  • Aspen Ct. - Live Oak Ln. to Court
  • Oak Valley Rd. - Parkridge Blvd. to 933 Oak Valley Rd. (approximately 300')
For questions on the mill and overlay project, contact Public Works at 817-426-9835.