Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal's responsibility is to create a fire-safe environment through the enforcement of fire prevention codes, public education, and training. The key is prevention - to save lives and property by preventing fires before they start and to identify and eliminate hazards that are the catalyst for fires.
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This goal is accomplished through building plan reviews, public fire education, fire inspections, fire investigations, and code enforcement.

The Fire Marshal’s Office consists of a fire marshal and two fire inspector/investigators. Their duties include:
  • Aggressively investigating criminal acts, such as arson
  • Conducting plan reviews for residential subdivisions, site developments, new construction, fire protection systems, and gas well sites.
  • Handling fire safety programs
  • Performing inspections at all places where the public assembles (schools, businesses) to learn the layout of buildings and protect the safety of occupants and fire fighters


The goal of the Fire Marshal’s Office is to build community pride and to strive to prevent, prepare for, or otherwise limit the extent of any fire or other emergency.

2012 International Fire Code

City Council approved the first reading of the proposed ordinance adopting the 2012 International Fire Code and amendments on June 20, 2016. This is an update from the 2009 International Fire Code. The second, and final, reading of the ordinance will take place on July 5, 2016. Once approved, the new codes and amendments will go into effect beginning August 1, 2016. 
2012 International Fire Code 
Proposed amendments to the 2012 International Fire Code


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9-Volt Battery Safety

9-volt batteries power our smoke alarms, household items, and toys. They can be found in most homes. But these batteries can be a fire hazard if not stored safely or disposed of with care. The National Fire Protection Association has these helpful tips for the storing and disposal of 9-volt batteries