Charter Review Committee

General Information

The City of Burleson is seeking citizens and business owners interested in serving on a Charter Review Committee.  A City Charter establishes the form of government and provides other regulations for the governance of the city.  The last City Charter election was in 2013 and the City Council has expressed its desire to hold another election in May 2019.

The Burleson City Council has created a Charter Review Committee with 11 members to be comprised of 4 at-large members, 4 City of Burleson Board and Commission members, a representative from the Burleson Independent School District, a representative from the Joshua Independent School District, and a representative recommended jointly by the City Manager and City Secretary.

The purpose of the Committee will be to review the entire City Charter and recommend changes to the City Council by December 31, 2018. The City Council will vote on which possible changes will be included on the May 2019 ballot.  A city attorney will not serve on the committee, but be available as a resource to respond to questions and provide input.

If you are interested in serving on the Charter Review Committee please complete the online application by February 23, 2018.  The City Council is expected to appoint members to the Committee at its March 2, 2018 City Council meeting.  The Committee will select a Chairperson from its members and meet as often as Committee members deem necessary.

Charter Review Committee Application

For more information contact Lauren Seay, 817-426-9687.