Veterans Day Celebration

Veterans Day Events
Veterans tribute flyer
Veterans Day fireworks

Event Details

  1. Date

    November 7, 2020


    9 a.m. - Lions Club Veterans Day Parade
    2 p.m. - Veterans Day Tribute
    6 p.m. - Fireworks Show

    Location Details

    Parade route and information
    Tribute - Veterans Memorial Plaza, 298 E Renfro St. 
    Fireworks - Chisenhall Fields, 500 Chisenhall Park Ln.



    Event Information 

    Join us as we honor the sacrifices of American Military Veterans with a parade, Veterans Tribute and fireworks display. We would like to encourage everyone to use the full parade route to enjoy the parade and avoid concentrating in one area as the Lions Club hosts their patriotic celebration of American Military Veterans, which will begin at 9 a.m. The service and sacrifices of military veterans will be honored as the City of Burleson hosts the eleventh annual Military Veterans Tribute at Veterans Memorial Park at Renfro Square at 2 p.m. We are honored to have special guest speaker U.S. Army Captain John Arroyo at the Veterans Tribute. The day of celebration will wrap up with a fireworks display at Chisenhall Fields at 6 p.m. Specific health & safety protocols will be in place for each event and are listed on the event page.
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Health and Safety Protocols

Veterans Day Parade

    Encourage people not in the same household to maintain six feet of social distance.

    Encourage people to wear masks.

    Encourage people to use the full parade route to view the parade - avoid concentrating in one area.

    No distribution of candy or promotional materials.

    No stopping on parade route for demonstrations or interacting with the crowd.

Veterans Tribute

    All seating six feet apart

    Hand washing and sanitizing stations available

    Programs will be placed on seats.

    Limit of three vendors (Operation Remember, Purple Heart, & Veterans of Foreign Wars) - Vendor tables placed three feet apart

Veterans Day Fireworks

    All fields open to encourage social distancing

    Signage placed throughout complex encouraging social distancing for people not in same household

    Additional restrooms available throughout facility to avoid potential congestion

    Additional hand sanitizer stations available throughout facility.