Alarm Permits


The City of Burleson has permitting requirements for all residential and commercial alarm systems. Burleson Ordinance B-762-06 requires annual permits of all residential or commercial alarm systems and establishes a fee structure for alarm permits. Applications for permits are available online and at the Burleson Police Department, located at 1161 SW Wilshire Blvd.

The ordinance does not change the police department’s response to alarms, unless a permit holder accumulates 10 or more false alarms in a calendar year. For more information, please view the City of Burleson Alarm Ordinance at the link below.

Alarm Billing

The City of Burleson


all active alarm systems within the city limits to have a permit with the city. p.m.AM Corporation, a company that specializes in managing municipal alarm tracking and billing systems, will administer the program. Residents and business owners will be able to pay and register online, by mail, or phone.
  • Check by mail to :
    City of Burleson Alarm Program
    P.O. Box 140068
    Irving, Texas 75014-0068
  • Paying by mail please allow 3 business days for permit issuance
  • Toll-free number : 877-754-1862, or fax 972-831-7499
  • Online Services
If you have a current alarm permit with the City of Burleson, please wait to pay until you receive your annual renewal notice.

The annual registration fee is $50 for residential and $100 for commercial / business alarm system permits.

It is the permit holder's responsibility to advise the PMAM Corporation of any changes made to your account, such as cancellation of alarm permit or any key holder information. Any and all changes will need to be made in writing, either by mail, fax or email. Any questions concerning alarm permits, alarm information or alarm bills please contact PMAM Corporation by calling 877-754-1862.

Annual Permit Fee

The annual permit fees are as follows:
  • Residential permits - $50
  • Commercial permits - $100
Governmental and educational facilities are exempted from the fees by ordinance. However, they must still register their alarm systems with the City and they are still subject to the false alarm fees below.

False Alarm Fees

The fees for false alarms are as follows:
  • One to 3 false alarms: $0
  • Four to 5 false alarms: $50
  • Six to 7 false alarms: $75
  • Eight to 9 false alarms: $100
  • 10 or more false alarms: $100 and permit (police response) revoked