Parks & Amenities

Temporary Closures and Adjustments

City Trails: OPEN. We have dozens of trails that are available and encourage residents to get out and use them, please maintain a distance of six feet. Please follow the CDC’s guidance on proper personal hygiene before and after visiting shared outdoor spaces.

City Playgrounds: OPEN. 

Park Restrooms: OPEN. 

Basketball Court at Warren Park: CLOSED until further notice. The City will continue following the State’s and CDC’s guidelines with regard to close contact sports.

Park Drinking Fountains: Park drinking fountains will be turned off until further notice.

The City maintains multiple parks with a total of 348 acres. If you want to rent a park pavilion, please call the Burleson Recreation Center (the BRiCk) at 817-426-9104 or 817-426-9106.

When you visit our parks or any natural wildlife area, remember that these areas are home to wildlife. To learn more about wildlife, including those that could be harmful, please visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife page, for tips on co-existing with wildlife.

Fishing License

A fishing license is required for anglers 17 years of age and older who wish to fish at Bailey Lake. All state guidelines and requirements are applicable. To learn more about fishing licenses, please go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Division page.

Rules for Trout Fishing

As of December 2, 2014, Bailey Lake is filled with trout! Please note the rules for trout fishing; you are limited to 2 fishing poles per person. That means 1 person can’t be fishing with 5 poles. Speaking of 5, the limit is 5 trout per day (yes, per every 24 hours). If you catch 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 trout in 24 hours, you can keep it/them. But if you catch anything that is not a trout, you have to release it.

Undeveloped Parks

  • Oak Valley Park South
  • Prairie Timber Estates East
  • Prairie Timber Estates West
  • Villages of Wakefield Park

Burleson Parks Map

To print or view the location of the above Burleson's parks in PDF format, please view Burleson Parks Map

Mountain Bike Trails Map

Coyote Loop Family Trail
Full Trail

​Parks, Trails, and Recreation Master Plan

The City of Burleson's Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan are also available online and can be found below.