Weather Warning Alerts

BTX Alert

Make sure you are signed up with BTX Alert, the city’s mass notification system if you want to receive alerts for tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, chemical emergencies, a state emergency declared by the governor, a national emergency declared by the president, or other emergencies as directed by the mayor, city management, or coordinator of emergency management. With BTX Alert, you control how you receive messages. Messages can be sent by cell phone, landline, email, text message, and more, but you must register that information by opting in. This service is free to the public. Sign up for BTX Alert now

Sign up for BTX Alert

BTX Alert
The City of Burleson’s Emergency Management Division is partnering with Fort Worth Emergency Management to help special needs residents when an emergency arises.
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This service is available for both Tarrant County and Johnson County residents who live in Burleson. The partnership allows the City to provide the Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP) for residents who are dealing with permanent disabilities. SNAP is only for emergencies. You can register online. For more information, see the news release (PDF).
Outdoor Warning System
All residents and businesses are also alerted to weather emergencies via the Outdoor Warning System. The siren system has both voice and sound (siren, horns). There are 2 types of weather alerts:
  • Tornado Alert (MP3): The tornado alert includes a voice message, followed by a 3-minute siren, and ends with a repeat of the voice message.
  • Severe Weather Alert (MP3): The severe weather alert includes a voice message, followed by a 30 second discontinuous horn, and ends with a repeat of the voice message.
The Outdoor Warning System is not designed to be heard indoors. When the outdoor warning system is activated, citizens should not go outside to hear the message or call 911 to ask why the system is activated. Citizens should go inside, seek shelter in an interior room of their home and tune to a weather radio or TV/radio for more information.

More Information
See map of outdoor warning siren locations (PDF). Stay on top of the weather by checking out current conditions and weather alerts for the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Metroplex on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) page.