Fire Prevention Inspections

The Two Types of Fire Prevention Inspections
In-Service Engine Company Inspection
This is performed by fire operations personnel and conducted within a given fire alarm district. This inspection is usually conducted on an annual basis for the purpose of pre-fire planning, reviewing permits for special operating hazards or functions and to conduct a general "walk around" safety inspection.

Technical Fire Inspection
This is performed by the Fire Marshals Office, involves a technical and more detailed review of fire and life safety conditions, fire protection systems and appliances and the issuance of applicable permits. A technical inspection is conducted by the Fire Marshals Office on all new building construction, alterations or additions, certificate of occupancy inspections, the issuance of fire permits, for the installation of fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, mechanical hood or chemical agent systems, or large life safety target hazards such as schools, day care centers, nursing homes, churches, etc.