Fines & Court Costs

Varying Fines, Costs, & Fees
Because fines, costs, and fees will vary based on each case, information as to the amount owed on your citation must be obtained from the court clerks. To determine the total amount owed, please email the Municipal Court or contact by phone at 817-426-9220.

The maximum fine for most traffic citations is $200, but for other Class C misdemeanors, state law violations carry up to a $500 fine. The fines assessed for violations of City ordinances carry a fine up to $2,000. Mitigating factors may lessen the fine amount even if you are found guilty of the offense. On the other hand, certain offenses may have aggravating circumstances which can increase the fine and costs/fees owed despite your plea of no contest.

Court Costs
Court costs are mandated by State law and also vary depending on the type of offense alleged. Court costs are incurred when:
  • You are found guilty at trial
  • You elect to defer your case by completing a driving safety course
  • You request deferred disposition/probation
A $50 fee will be added to each violation when a warrant for the defendant's arrest is issued.

Court costs will not be assessed against you if you are found not guilty following a trial on your case. The court has discretion to order that juror service fees be taxed as costs if the defendant is found guilty following a trial by jury.