Time Payment Plans

Any person receiving a citation may request time to pay his/her fine by completing a financial form. 

Payment Plan Requirements
To request a payment plan you are required to:
  • Provide a state issued Identification Card/Driver's License
  • Complete a financial form (subject to verification)

Your Responsibilities
It is your responsibility to notify the court if you are unable to pay within the time allowed. Depending on the situation, the Judge may be able to offer other ways to pay or earn credit towards your fine and costs, including community service pursuant to Article 43.091 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. For the Judge to consider such circumstances and to avoid the possibility of being arrested, you are required to provide timely and sufficient proof to the Court.
Time Payment Fee
If the request for additional time to pay is granted, and a conviction is entered, a $25 "Time Payment" fee will be assessed as required by State law. Chapter 51 of the Texas Government Code, a $25 "Time Payment" fee is added to each violation when granted an extension to pay which exceeds 30 days. If any portion of the fines, fees, and costs is paid after the 31st day from the date of judgment, the $25 "Time Payment" fee must be added as required by law.