Burleson Heritage Foundation


The Burleson Heritage Foundation (BHF) was founded in March 1991 to preserve and create awareness of Burleson's history. The purpose of the foundation is to;
  • Bring together those who are interested in the preservation of homes, buildings, markets, historical sites, works of art, documents, papers, pictures, records and writings of historical, traditional or cultural value;
  • Perpetuate and preserve those customs and folklore which seem to beautify and enrich life in the Burleson community;
  • Discover and develop areas of natural beauty and charm and to discover, document, and preserve those places of special historical interest within Burleson and the surrounding areas;
  • Share knowledge of Burleson’s history and to promote and encourage interest, study, and research of that history;
  • Act in an advisory capacity to groups and individuals interested in Burleson’s history; and,
  • Cooperate with other persons, groups, organizations and agencies in implementing these objectives.

Location & Meetings

The foundation’s board meets at 4 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at the historic interurban depot (now the Burleson Visitors Center), 124 W. Ellison St. The foundation’s membership meets at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday at the center. For more information about the Burleson Heritage Foundation call the Burleson Visitors Center at 817-447-1575 or go to the Burleson Heritage Foundation website.