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The Crafter's Guide to Taking Great Photos : the best techniques for showcasing your handmade creations

by Heidi Adnum

Sell more of your handmade items with better photographs! Amidst the sea of handmade jewelry, apparel, housewares, art, and other crafts that populate blogs, websites, and online marketplaces, how do you make your items stand out? The key is great photography. Beautiful handmade items can be undermined by poor or uninspired images that fail to represent the detail and craftsmanship. With The Crafter's Guide to Taking Great Photos you'll learn that you don't need expensive, professional equipment to get quality results. Get simple, practical advice presented with the crafter in mind. Learn to make a lightbox, how to use natural lighting, and how to capture the detail in your work. Broken down into specific craft areas, you'll find tips on how to best generate eye-catching images that will help sell your items.

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