Paws Your Fines 

May 7 through May 19

Burleson Public Library is ready to waive fines again! Customers who owe library fines can get as much as $50 forgiven. The catch is that instead of digging into their pockets, customers can bring in donations that the library will turn over to the Burleson Animal Shelter.
Customers can bring leashes, beds, unopened and unexpired pet food or treats, and other related items to receive a waiver of $1-$20 per item. The library has created a donation chart to guide library cardholders in clearing up their existing fines. A maximum of $50 can be waived. 
Fees for lost or damaged items and fines for items belonging to other libraries will not be waived. Only existing overdue fines on Burleson items are eligible for the program; no credits will be placed on accounts for future fines. Paws Your Fines has the potential to reduce some of these charges and bring customers’ accounts back into good standing.
Donated items benefit participants of three programs run by the Burleson Animal Shelter: local animal rescues, unemployed residents in need, and Ani-Meals, a partnership with Meals-On-Wheels.