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a treasure concealed

A Treasure Concealed by Tracie Peterson

Set in 1890s Montana, Emily Carver wants a home where she can put down roots instead of following her gold-hungry father from one mining camp to another. She also longs for tenderness and love, both of which are missing in her life. Yet when she realizes she's losing her heart to the intriguing new man in camp, she fiercely fights her feelings, afraid that love will only result in disappointment and heartache. Caeden Thibault, a young geologist, comes to Montana to catalog minerals indigenous to the state. He's a serious and guarded young man trying to escape the pain of his past. He has avoided all romantic entanglements, fearing he might become like his abusive father. But something about Emily Carver has caught his attention, something he never expected. . . . Will these two broken souls allow God to bring healing and hope to their hurting hearts?

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Carlisle: Journey to the White Clouds by Wallace J. Swenson

Dirt-poor farmer, Paul Steele, is tested in Nebraska of the 1850's. He and his wife meet adversity head-on and overcome it while teaching their children honesty, loyalty and dedication. As the adults begin to overcome their challenges, the story centers more around their eldest son Simon's friendship with his best friend, Buell. Though these boys have dramatically different personalities, their loyalty to each other is unwavering, and each one takes something different from the lessons they share equally. Simon lives by the rules only to see his honesty turned against him, and the townspeople drive him and his friend away. Carlisle does not simply tell you about life on the Western frontier, it takes you there.

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