Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing Program
The City of Burleson occasionally conducts smoke testing on the sanitary sewer system at various locations throughout the City. The purpose of the smoke testing is to identify areas of the wastewater collection system in need of repair or maintenance. It may also identify areas on private property where repairs are needed such as damaged service lines, faulty or failing connections inside the home or business, and roof drains that may be connected to the sanitary sewer which will need to be disconnected.

Smoke Test Notification
Before any smoke testing is performed, city personnel will inform residents in the area of upcoming smoke test by leaving door hangers which will detail the planned date of the test and a telephone number to call with any questions. Any odor or smoke that enters inside your residence or business during the smoke test is an indication that there are possible plumbing problems that may allow gases or odors from the sewer to enter. Should smoke enter your residence or place of business, please contact the City of Burleson Public Works Department at 817-426-9830 and notify the dispatcher that smoke is entering your building. Please be sure to provide a name, address and phone number at the time of the call.

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