What is our City website link policy?
It is the policy of the City of Burleson to provide external links only to those sites maintained by local, state and federal governments; organizations supported financially by the City of Burleson; organizations of which the City is a member; organizations with which the City has entered into agreements to provide governmental services to the citizens of Burleson in the event of unforeseen natural or man-made public disasters or calamities (or in planning or preparing for such contingencies); sites that in contractual agreement with the City of Burleson provide information and or services not provided on www.burlesontx.com; and sites containing software necessary to view City web sites and related content. The City of Burleson does not maintain editorial control of external web sites. If you find that one of the links no longer works, please alert the website administrators at webadmin@burlesontx.com. If you have technical problems on the web site links, please contact the webmaster or site administrator of those sites. Links can be found on individual department pages. You may also find links to organizations in our City Resource Guide.City Resource Guide

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6. What is our City website link policy?