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Garage/Yard Sale Permit


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  • Instructions

    1. As defined in Section 66-31 of the Burleson Texas Code of Ordinances, a garage sale is the sale of tangible personal property or used or unwanted household items that is held in the garage, driveway or yard of the seller's residence; or the parking lot or sidewalk of a non-residential property. The term garage sale includes the terms yard sale, estate sale, occasional sale, and similar terms.

      In order to receive a permit to conduct at yard/garage sale, this form must be submitted to the City of Burleson Building Permit office. Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed and an email will be sent that will provide your permit number or the reason why a permit cannot be issued.

      One sign shall be posted on the property where the sale is being conducted. The sign shall be placed in a location visible from the street, and include your assigned permit number.