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Trash Bash Registration


  2. (Sizes: children's S-M-L, adult S-M-L-XL-XXL)

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    Please make sure that you download the Group Leader Information Packet. Each participant must have a signed liability release form. Groups will meet at their clean-up site. The group leader can pick up supplies/t-shirts and drop off the liability release form and audit roster. * PLEASE NOTE: PRE-REGISTERED GROUPS MUST PICK UP THEIR SHIRTS AND SUPPLIES BEFORE 9 AM THE DAY OF THE EVENT.* After the event the group leader can submit the Inspection Checklist. Everyone is encouraged to come to Warren Park after the event for pizza and a raffle for awesome prizes! Groups can participate in the Litter Treasure Hunt for additional prizes. If your group wants to participate in the treasure hunt, group leaders should ask for the treasure list when you pick up your supplies. If you have any questions please contact Mitchell Carpenter at 817-426-9842.

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