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Adult Voting Member

  1. To be considered for a position as an adult voting member of the Mayor's Youth Council, please complete the information below.
  2. Voting adults must:
    - reside within the corporate limits of the City or the City's extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ)
    - be a counselor or educator from an Independent School District, or
    - be a representative of a non-profit community youth advocacy organization or program
    - be appointed by the City Council
  3. There are 3 positions available:
  4. Three (3) Counselors or Educators from an Independent School District
  5. Are you a counselor?
  6. Are you an educator?
  7. This information can be verified by:
  8. 4) Are you willing to serve at least a 3 year term beginning June 1st of the year you are appointed?
  9. Important:
  10. No applicant, appointee or member of the Youth Council who has been convicted of a crime against a minor child shall be qualified to serve on the Youth Council. By submitting an application for appointment to the Youth Council, applicants consent to a background check for such purposes, to the extent provided by law.
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