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Open Records Request

  1. The City of Burleson fully supports the spirit of the Texas Public Information Act. To request copies of records, or to request the opportunity to view records belonging to any department of the City of Burleson, complete this form. Please be specific when describing the records. For Police Department records, please provide all information known, such as case number, name of person or persons involved, date of incident, location, offense, etc.

  2. We will gather the information, review it and have a response for you within the time period prescribed by law.

  3. Type of record requested:*

  4. Please be specific to assist in locating the record you are requesting. Provide all known information such as case number, name of person(s) involved, location, date & time of incident, description of vehicle(s) involved, type of offense or incident, etc.

  5. If requesting a police arrest or offense report, please indicate which record will satisfy your request:*

  6. How would you like to receive the requested information?*

  7. Cost of copies: Charges for standard paper copies are $0.10 per page.

  8. Optional Request for Only Non-Confidential Information

    Please be advised that information excepted from required disclosure (e.g. confidential information) is often included in documents held by the City of Burleson and the City of Burleson Police Department. The City may not be able to release this information. The Texas Public Information Act (codified at Texas Gov’t Code Chapter 552) requires a governmental entity to request an open letter ruling from the Texas Attorney General prior to withholding information that is excepted from required disclosure. The Attorney General’s Office has 45 days to respond to a request for an open letter ruling. To help avoid submission to the Texas Attorney General and to expedite this request, please check the box below if you are willing to request and receive only information that is not excepted from required disclosure as determined by the City.

  9. Please provide me only information that is not excepted from required disclosure as determined by the City. I understand that some records may be redacted to withhold excepted information (e.g. confidential information). This excepted information includes, but is not limited to: social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, dates of birth, vehicle license plate and vehicle identification numbers (VIN), witness and complainant information in police or code compliance reports, records containing information regarding child abuse or neglect, concealed handgun licensees, criminal history information, juvenile law enforcement records, medical records disclosing a mental illness, bank account or credit account numbers, personal financial account balances, results of a polygraph examination, and victims of sexual harassment/assault.

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