Employee Forms



90 Day New Employee Evaluation Survey Employee Handbook
Alert System Everbridge Enrollment Form Safety Program Policy
Direct Deposit Form Charitable Donations
Emergency Contact Info Form Fraud Policy
Employee of Quarter Nomination Form HIPAA - Summary
Employee Time Sheet (1 Week, No Mileage) Insurance Benefits Policy for Retiring City Employees
Employee Time Sheet 9/80 (1 Week, No Mileage) Longevity
Employee Time Sheet (Police - 2 Weeks) Part Time Benefits
Employee Time Sheet (With Tips) Shared Sick and Vacation Donation Policy
Exempt Employee Leave Report Sick Leave Policy EFFECTIVE 12-31-2015
FML Doctor's Note - Employee Tobacco Cessation Policy
FML Doctor's Note - Family Tuition Reimbursement Policy
HSA Contribution Options Form 2016 Annual Notices - Health Plan
Longevity Election Change Form 2016 U.H.C - Dental Summary of Benefits
Longevity Election Form 2016 U.H.C - H.S.A Summary of Benefits (Short Summary)
Physical & Bloodwork Confirmation Form 2016 U.H.C - H.S.A Summary of Benefits (Detailed Summary)
Sick Leave Calculation Worksheet 2016 U.H.C - PPO Summary of Benefits (Short Summary)
TMRS Change Address Form 2016 U.H.C - PPO Summary of Benefits (Detailed Summary)
Tuition Reimbursement Form - Before 2016 U.H.C - Vision Summary of Benefits
Tuition Reimbursement Form - After 2017 UHC HSA Summary of Benefits and Coverage
United Way Contribution Form 2017 UHC PPO Summary of Benefits and Coverage
W-4 2016 Form
2016 Payday Holiday Calendar - HR Call List

First Report of Injury Forms

2017 Payday Holiday Calendar - HR Call List First Report Of Injury BFM
First Report Of Injury CareNow
First Report Of Injury Concentra
First Report Of Injury No Doctor
First Report Of Injury Huguley
First Report Of Injury THR

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For Your Benefit

Alliance Work Partners E.A.P For Your Benefit Newsletter October 2016
Alliance Work Partners Login Information LapCorp -  Lab Network Provider
Benefits Resource Contact List U.H.C Choice Plus Brochure
Employee Self Service online system (ESS-Paystubs) U.H.C Contact List
HSA Bank - Employee Enrollment U.H.C Cost Estimator
myuhc.com Registration Process U.H.C Find A Network Doctor
myuhc.com United Health Care Website U.H.C Finding The Right Care Center
TMRS U.H.C Health Discount Program
U.H.C Find A Doctor - Choice Plus Network U.H.C Health4Me App
2017 UHC Employee Benefits Guide U.H.C Virtual Visits
2016 U.H.C Employee Benefits Guide U.H.C Vision Plan
2016 U.H.C Expanded Prescription Drug List Working Solutions October 2016 AWP
2016 U.H.C Prescription Drug List Working Solutions November 2016 AWP