Property Tax Rates

City Tax Collection Resources

Johnson County Tax Assessor/Collector
Phone: 817-558-0122

Central Appraisal District of Johnson County
Phone: 817-648-3000

Business Personal Property Rendition for Johnson County

Delinquent Taxes/Tax Sales
Phone: 800-692-4053
Tarrant County Tax Assessor/Collector
Phone: 817-884-1100

Tarrant Appraisal District
Phone: 817-284-0024

Business Personal Property Rendition for Tarrant County

Additional Information

For information on sales tax rates for counties or other municipal entities, please visit the State of Texas Comptroller's website.

Local Hotel/Motel Occupancy Rate: 7%

For more information, please contact the Finance Department at 817-426-9650.

Local & State Sales Tax Rates

Type of Tax
Tax Amount 
 4A Economic Development Tax Rate
 4B Economic Development Tax Rate
 Local Tax Rate
Total Tax Rate