Criminal Investigations

Overview and Duties

Criminal Investigations is responsible for the investigation of all criminal matters within its jurisdiction. Criminal Investigations has two established units: Crimes Against Persons and Property and Fraud Crimes. The Criminal Investigations Section has responsibility for the following activities:
  • The investigation of felonies and misdemeanors, both adult and juvenile
  • The gathering and investigations of narcotics and other criminal intelligence data
  • Providing investigative assistance to the Chief of Police as requested
  • Providing investigative assistance to the City Fire Marshal
  • Sex offender registration
Crimes Against Persons Unit
Sergeant T. Mabry
Detective S. Morrison 
Detective R. Martin 
Detective T. Fowler 
Detective H. Murray
Criminal Investigations Clerk S. Colson

Property Crimes Unit
Sergeant B. O'Heren

Detective B. Wichman
Detective C. Price
Detective C. Smith
Auto Theft Investigator M. Pate, 817-728-3910
Property and Evidence Coordinator D. Carey
Crime Analyst A. Schneider