Criminal Investigations

Overview and Duties
Criminal Investigations is responsible for the investigation of all criminal matters within its jurisdiction. Criminal Investigations has 3 established units: Crimes Against Persons, Property Crimes, and Juvenile Investigation. The Criminal Investigations Section has responsibility for the following activities:
  • The investigation of felonies and misdemeanors, both adult and juvenile
  • The gathering and investigations of narcotics and other criminal intelligence data
  • Providing investigative assistance to the Chief of Police as requested
  • Providing investigative assistance to the City Fire Marshal
  • Sex offender registration
Detective T. Mabry - Property Crimes
Detective D. Feucht - Crimes Against Persons
Detective M. Owen - Crimes Against Persons / Fraud
Detective C. Garrett - Property Crimes
Detective N. Grace - Crimes Against Children
S. Hawpe - Clerk
G. Robison - Property Tech
K. James - Crime Analyst