The City’s Communications Department is responsible for the following areas:

2014 Communications Survey

We asked you how effectively the City was communicating with you, and you answered. We asked where you currently get your information about the City. Top answers were:

  • City of Burleson Facebook, 65.9%
  • Weekly City E-Newsletter, 56.8%
  • City of Burleson website, 43.2%
  • City emergency phone notification (mainly weather warnings), 34.1%
  • Local print/TV/radio news, 29.5%
  • Burleson Community Guide (quarterly program/event guide for parks and recreation), 27.3%
  • Monthly City Focus newsletter, 20.5%
  • City news releases/City Twitter/Friends, each earned 18.2%
We are doing a pretty good job communicating, according to you. When we asked if the information you receive from City staff and the feedback you get is satisfactory, timely and answers your question, 77.3% of you were very satisfied or satisfied. When asked if you had ample opportunity to be involved in the decisions made by City staff/city council concerning City services, economic and community development, and programs, 72.7% of you were very satisfied or satisfied.Read more about the online survey, February 11, 2015 news release (PDF).


The City was honored 3 times at the 2011 Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers conference. Burleson won the TAMI award (1st place) for Best Website for cities with less than 100,000 residents, the Silver Star (2nd place) for Best Social Media (all populations), and 3rd place for Best E-Newsletter (all populations).