Crime Prevention - Don't Be A Victim


Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility. It’s a partnership with the community. The police department’s role is to provide the information and tools you need to choose to not be a victim.

The program includes an anti-vehicle burglary program, business and residential security surveys, National Night Out, Neighborhood Watch, Stranger Danger, Child Find / Fingerprinting, Child Safety Programs, Bicycle Safety, and the Teddy Bear Program.


NextDoor is a free private network for you and your neighborhood. You can keep up with neighborhood events, look for a baby sitter, or ask if anyone knows a good plumber. You can also use it for crime prevention. Burleson Police Department has partnered with to be able to communicate directly with residents. This is a 2-way relationship. Each week, crime prevention and/ or safety topics are posted by the Community Resource Officer. Then, residents with questions or comments are able to reply to the post and get answers or communicate directly through private posts.

Prevent vehicle burglaries

“If you like it, lock it.” That’s the Burleson Police Department’s catchy slogan for getting you to start thinking about how not to be a victim. 

Do you like your cell phone? IPod? Laptop computer? Jewelry? Handgun? Money (yes, even that slush fund you keep in the console)? How about your purse, and all of your identifying information that goes along with it?

What’s on your prevention checklist? Park in a high traveled area. Lock your vehicle. Take your valuables with you. And remove from plain sight the things you can’t carry with you. It’s easy to remember. If you like it, lock it!