Public Events Ordinance

A public event, as defined in Ordinance B-805-13 (PDF) passed unanimously by Burleson City Council in July 2013, is a meeting or gathering held at a specific location within the City limits, which attracts or can be expected to attract more than 500 at any instance during the meeting or gathering. This does not apply to an event or gathering that occurs within or on the same property as an established permanent stadium, arena, auditorium or other similar permanent structure that has sufficient existing and permanent electrical service, plumbing, water supply, sanitary sewer service and legal parking spaces to handle the expected number of participants.

Standards Set

The ordinance sets standards for
  • Amusement rides
  • Cleanup, compliance, costs
  • Emergency medical care
  • Food service
  • Hours of operations
  • Insurance coverage
  • Nuisances (noise, glare, odor and other nuisances)
  • Parking
  • Police protection
  • Restroom/sanitary facilities
  • Solid waste
  • Street closures
  • Tents and temporary structures
  • Water usage and disposal of wastewater

Permit Applications

The permit must be filed at least 45 days in advance of the event. Public events may only be conducted between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. If there is good cause, the hours may be extended to 2 a.m.

The ordinance gives the fire chief, police chief, or fire marshal the ability to require a public safety plan if they determine that the event has an adverse impact on public safety; and, allows the city manager or his designee to deny or revoke a public event permit for a myriad of reasons.

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