Infant Swimming Self-Rescue

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ISR Self-Rescue® lessons give children between the ages of six months to six-years-old the skills to be comfortable and confident in the water. 

In an effort to ensure that not one more child drowns, the goal of the program is to teach children survival techniques to use should they ever reach the water alone. 

Lessons are taught by Shanon Murphy, a certified ISR instructor, in the indoor pool at the BRiCk. 

Registration Fee- $105 (initial)

Weekly tuition- $110 (non-members) $100 (members)

Each session of ISR Self-Rescue lessons happens Monday through Friday in the indoor pool at the BRiCk. Lessons are one-on-one and last about 10-minutes each. Parents should expect their child to need about 6-weeks of initial lessons.

The next session begins: March 2020

Lesson times available between 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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About the Instructor

  1. shanon and ethan

    Shanon Murphy was inspired to teach ISR Self-Rescue® lessons through a personal family tragedy. Shanon's nephew, Ethan, and his grandfather died in a drowning accident on July 13, 2011. Since this time she has been determined to find a way to prevent other drowning deaths. Ethan was under the supervision of his grandpa when this accident occurred in the family's home swimming pool. Even with adult supervision, accidents happen. 

    Shanon knows that these lessons can and do save lives. And she wants to help your family never feel the pain that her family did after losing Ethan.