Pavilion Rental

Pavilions Available for Rent:

Pavilion Rental Fees:

  • Resident: $10 per hour
  • Non-Resident: $15 per hour

Rentals are available online ⇓ or call the BRiCk to make your reservation over the phone 817-426-9104.

*All Pavilions are first come first serve unless there is a reservation.  Proof of a receipt may be required to confirm the reservation.*

Bounce House Information: 

  • Proof of insurance from the bounce house company of your choice is required, please send to   
  • The bounce house needs to be weighted down with some type of weights and not staked into the ground (this helps avoid hitting any irrigation lines). 
  • Any vehicle that is dropping off the bounce house is not authorized to drive on any grass so they will have to use a dolly to transport from the parking lot to the desired location.