COP Program

Citizens On Patrol (COP)

COPs are trained to:
  • Patrol neighborhoods, parks, and businesses
  • Report suspicious people and vehicles
  • Report traffic hazards
  • Perform traffic control at special events such as the City's July 4th fireworks celebration
  • Complete vacation checks and close patrols
  • Cohost community events; educate the community about crime prevention
  • Report city ordinance violations such as junk vehicles, curfew violations, and park violations
  • Patrol major retail parking lots during the holidays
COPs are also certified for handicapped parking enforcement. COPs are trained to recognize violations and write citations to put on the windshields. COPs do not confront drivers.


COPs recruits must be at least 21 and undergo a criminal background check before they are trained by members of the police department. Recruits must have a valid driver’s license, must be of good moral standing in the community (at least 2 references are required), and vision that is correctable to 20/30.


Training for the COPs program includes a 28-hour certification course and riding out with a field training officer. For more about the Citizens On Patrol program, contact CRO J. White at (817) 426-9882.