Fire Safety Public Education Programs

Whether children are visiting a fire station, checking out the bunker gear, learning about kitchen fires, or getting the lowdown on fire safety from a robotic Dalmatian, what they learn through the fire marshal’s office makes a lasting impression.
Patches & Pumper
Patches & Pumper is a fully animated Dalmatian dog and fire truck robot that moves, speaks, listens, plays audio cassette tapes, winks, and blinks, all by remote control. The creation by Robotronics can even squirt water. His headlights, taillights and flashing warning lights make Patches highly visible. He is just the right size - eye level - for teaching children.
Patches is agile enough to maneuver through classrooms and other restricted areas. A 2-way wireless voice system allows Patches’ operator to not only talk to the audience, but listen to the feedback.

Fire Safety House

The SCOTTY Fire Safety House is a fun, hands-on learning tool for people of all ages. The trailer is set up to look like a home, complete with a kitchen to teach children the danger of leaving the handles turned out on a stovetop. The fire safety house can be filled with mock smoke to simulate a fire and to teach children how to crawl under the smoke and get out.