General Policies and Procedures

Kid Zone Policies and Procedures

  • Children must be between the ages 6 months and 12 years old
  • Children are allowed to stay a maximum of 2 hours per visit
  • Children are welcome to bring a drink (spill-proof cups only)
  • No outside food allowed
  • No gum or personal toys allowed
  • No electronics (tablets or handheld gaming systems) allowed. Exception: phones allowed strictly for communications with guardian (no games, videos, or sites allowed). 
  • Staff is not allowed to change diapers
  • A guardian must check in child(ren)
  • The guardian who checks a child in must check them out
  • Proof of ID or a current BRiCk ID card is required
  • Kid Zone information form must be filled out for each child
  • Staff to child ration = 1 to 10
  • Children under the age of 2 count as two children
  • Staff to baby (1 year of age or younger) ratio = 1 adult to 1 baby, plus 1 additional baby overall
  • Staff will not admit any sick children
  • Guardians are not allowed to leave the Recreation Center
  • It is guardian’s responsibility to update information
  • Children must behave while in the Kid Zone; after the 3rd offense we may deny further admittance
  • Children must wear appropriate clothing
  • Kid Zone has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, and the right to change or modify any of its policies

Late Policy

  • 1st time late - Verbal warning
  • 2nd time late - $5 fee for every five (5) minutes late