Microchipping Services

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Microchipping Services Available to Everyone With a Pet
The Burleson Animal Shelter offers microchipping to everyone with a pet. The cost is $15, regardless of where the pet owner lives. The pet’s owner must provide proof of rabies vaccination to get the microchip.

Microchipping Process
All pets that are adopted from the Burleson Animal Shelter are microchipped. The microchip is made by 24 PetWatch. Animal microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and typically are implanted just beneath the surface of the skin, between the shoulder blades. The process is similar to receiving a needle vaccination. 

Each chip has a unique identification number that links a pet to the owner’s personal information so if a dog or cat is lost, chances of being reunited with the owner are good.

A veterinarian, animal shelter or humane society can use a scanner to read a pet’s chip. The staff then calls 24Pet Watch Lost Recovery Service with that registered chip number. 24PetWatch gives the staff the owner’s information, and the staff contacts the owner.

Benefits Over Collars & Tags

Collars and tags can be removed or get lost and tattooing of the pet can become illegible. The microchip is the only permanent way of identifying a dog or cat, and it lasts the lifetime of that pet.

Burleson City Council members urged Lisa Duello, director of neighborhood services, to expand the pet identification service at the start of fiscal year 2012 (October 1, 2011).

If a Pet Gets Lost
If a pet gets lost after it has been implanted with the microchip, call 24PetWatch at 866-597-2424. You should also go to the city website to fill out a lost pet report, and contact the Burleson Animal Shelter at 817-426-9283 every day to find out if your pet has been found.