Finding Animals Available for Adoption

One of the most enjoyable functions of the Animal Services Division is adopting animals to loving families. Go to animals available for adoption, then access what you are searching for (dog or cat). Pictures and background information on adoptable animals from the Burleson Animal Shelter will appear on the website. All you have to do is click on the individual pictures. To inquire about animals available for adoption, call 817-426-9283 or visit the Burleson Animal Shelter, located at 775 SE John Jones Drive.

Required Spaying / Neutering

State law requires that all animals adopted from animal shelters be spayed or neutered. The program requires all adopted dogs and cats to be spayed/neutered, and have current rabies vaccinations before leaving the animal shelter. 

Burleson City Council approved a spay/neuter ordinance in 2015 and the Burleson Animal Shelter sought bids for spay/neuter services as well as rabies vaccination services. City council approved the contracts for Alsbury Animal Hospital and the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection.

Adoption paperwork is filled out at the Burleson Animal Shelter, then shelter staff transports the adopted pet to the contracted veterinarian where that adopted pet will be spayed/neutered and receive the rabies vaccination. You and your new pet are reunited at the veterinarian office, not at the animal shelter.

The ordinance change added an additional $75 bringing the total adoption fee to $140 


Animal Adoption & Redemption Fees

Adoption and redemption fees are listed in the fee schedules below:
See adoptable pets

Adoption Fees

Service Fee

All ages - Adoption ($20), basic vaccinations ($20), microchip ($15), rabies voucher ($10) and spay/neuter ($75)


Redemption Fees*

Sterilized Unsterilized
1st offense
2nd offense
$45 $60
3rd offense
$60 $75

Additional Impoundment Fees*

Service Fee
Quarantine Fee
$10 / day
Microchip Fee
*Other fees may also be associated with impoundment fees. All pets leaving the shelter require a microchip. If an animal is not already microchipped, there is a fee of $15. If the animal's rabies vaccination is expired or undetermined, there is a $10 fee toward a rabies voucher. There is a boarding fee of $10 per day.

Please note: Visa and MasterCard can now be accepted for the payment of Animal Services fees.