Overview & Duties
The Burleson Police Department began a concentrated focus on traffic enforcement in 1995 with a Chevrolet Z28 Camaro pursuit unit. The department’s first two motorcycle officers hit the streets in November 2002. Traffic became its own unit five years later under the direction of the operations commander. The unit is directly supervised by a sergeant and currently has three motorcycle units and two squad cars.

The mission is to enforce laws and educate drivers to gain compliance with the State’s traffic laws. The goal is to reduce the number of crashes on the City’s streets and highways and to make the City’s streets safer.

Crash Investigators
Traffic officers are certified as crash investigators. One officer is a reconstructionist and four are intermediate crash investigators. The purpose of the Crash Investigation team is to reconstruct a crash so that offenders who cause injury or death to innocent motorists can be effectively prosecuted. Dedicating the traffic unit to crash investigations allows patrol officers more time to patrol and to respond to calls.

In addition to enforcement, the traffic officers are often seen leading the City’s parades, guiding traffic in and around the City’s major events and working with the public at open houses and safety fairs. The motor officers hone their skills monthly by training with other officers in the Metroplex. They also compete in Police Motorcycle Skills competitions and have placed in the Top three multiple times over the years.

Citizens Radar / Traffic Enforcement Request
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