Crash Investigation

Overview & Duties

The traffic crash investigators are highly trained officers who investigate serious traffic crashes, fatalities and major property damage crashes. Traffic crash investigators receive a minimum of 120 hours of training and usually have at least 2 years experience with crash investigations before going through the additional training. The department currently has 8 crash investigators and six are traffic crash reconstructionists, which means those investigators attended an additional 80 hours of training.


An investigator must have a good handle on algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry. Once classroom training is done investigators work with more experienced investigators under real world conditions.

Specialized Tasks

Investigators also utilize specialized computer equipment to map and plot crash scenes. Investigators can create a scaled diagram of the crash scene to assist prosecutors with criminal cases that may result from the investigation. Investigators usually mark and collect all their own evidence and photograph most of their own scenes. Because of the special training received by investigators, they are sometimes asked to create scaled diagrams of other crime scenes, such as homicides and robberies.