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Standard Event Food Vendor Application

  1. 1. For considerations to become a food vendor at an event, please fill out the food vendor registration form for approval. Once approved, a payment link will be sent via email.

    2. Food vendor cost vary depending on the event. There will be more information to follow once the application has been received by the special event division. 

    3. All vendors must have a temporary or annual food permit to attend and sell food at events. For more information on that process, please contact our Environmental Health Specialist, Jennifer Neill at 682.312.2774 or by email at

    4. Food Vendor Set-Up: TBA

    5. All food vendors MUST stay for the entire duration of the event.

    6. Please note: There is potential for comparable food vendor businesses at events.

    7. Food vendor information will be emailed out a week prior to the event.  

    For more information or specific questions, please contact, 817.426.9178 or 682.312.2765

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