Current Zoning/Specific Use Permit Requests

The following are the current development cases for the City of Burleson. Included are the dates of the public meetings as well as links to location maps, property owner notification maps and pertinent material provided by the applicants. If you have any questions concerning any of these cases please feel free to contact Development Services staff, (817) 426-9611 or email.

Coming Soon: A map of current zoning/specific use permit requests.

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Planning & Zoning Commission 9.14.21
ity Council: 10.4.21

Case 21-071:  208 S Scott:  Hold a public hearing and consider a zoning change request from (2F) Two-Family dwelling district to (CC) Central Commercial district in order to renovate the existing structure and lease it to a real estate company. For details

City Council: 12.13.21

Case 21-091: 1500 CR 602 located north of the southwest intersection of Taylor Bridge Ct. and CR 602: Hold a public hearing and consider a zone change from the defaulted (A) Agricultural district to (PD) Planned Development District for 80.122 acre site. For details

Case 21-120:  2380 SW Wilshire Blvd. located north of the intersection of SW Wilshire Blvd. and Wicker Hill Road:  Hold a public hearing and consider approval of an (SUP) Specific Use Permit, allowing for overnight boarding and an increase in capacity for Barking Mad Doggy Daycare & Boarding LLC. For details

Case 19-082:  620 SW Wilshire Blvd located behind the northern corner of the Hobby Lobby:  Hold a public hearing and consider a request for an (SUP) Specific Use Permit allowing a "stealth" 150-foot-tall monopole antenna facility located at the rear of Hobby Lobby. For details

Planning & Zoning Commission 12.7.21
ity Council: 1.3.22

Case 21-137:  210 N Hurst Road:  Hold a public hearing and consider a zoning change request from (SF10) Single-family dwelling district 10 to (A) Agricultural to allow for a barn to be constructed for the purpose of farming the subject property. For details