Current Zoning/Specific Use Permit Requests

The following are the current development cases for the City of Burleson. Included are the dates of the public meetings as well as links to location maps, property owner notification maps and pertinent material provided by the applicants. If you have any questions concerning any of these cases please feel free to contact Development Services staff, (817) 426-9614 or email.

Coming Soon: A map of current zoning/specific use permit requests. 

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Town Hall Meeting 7.31.18

Case 17-007
: The Williams Pointe Planned Development zoning request is on hold per the developer's request. A Town Hall meeting was held July 31, 2018 at Cana Baptist Church to discuss this request and CR602. The City staff presentation given at that meeting can be found here. 

Planning & Zoning Commission 9.18.18
City Council: 10.1.18

Case 18-110:  Consideration of an SUP, Specific Use Permit, for tool rental within the Old Town Overlay District for Sun Belt Rentals located at 400 and 406 NE Wilshire Blvd For details

Planning & Zoning Commission 10.2.18
City Council: 10.15.18

Case 18-109:  Consideration of an Ordinance for a zoning change request from A, Agricultural zoning district to C, Commercial zoning district for property located at 3713 S. Burleson Blvd For details