Class Surcharge

Commercial Class Surcharge
The Burleson City Council has approved Ordinance C-605-06, establishing a Class Surcharge for certain non-residential wastewater (sewer) customers in the City of Burleson service area.

Residential customers will not be subject to this surcharge. Similarly, commercial business offices whose wastewater mirrors residential uses will not be subject to the surcharge.

City of Forth Worth
All of the City of Burleson’s wastewater is treated by the City of Fort Worth. Fort Worth charges Burleson based on both the volume and the strength of the wastewater piped to the treatment facility. This surcharge allows the City of Burleson to charge certain non-residential customers for the strength of the wastewater they discharge or contribute to the wastewater system.

Initial Classes
Listed below are the initial classes that will be affected and an example of the impact to wastewater treatment costs by volume.
  • Class I Eating Establishments: Includes restaurants, bars, lounges, and other establishments which engage in preparation of food or beverage which is served directly to the customer.
    • For Customers in Class I, the surcharge will be $3.18 for each 1,000 gallons
  • Class II Equipment Service Facilities: Includes establishments which perform or provide washing, cleaning, or servicing of automobiles, trucks, buses, machinery, or equipment. This class includes public facilities, facilities limited to specific companies, attended and coin operated establishments.
    • For customers in Class II, the surcharge will be $1.59 for each 1,000 gallons
  • Class III Food and Kindred Products Processing: Includes commercial establishments which engage in the preparation, packaging, processing, or distribution of food, food other than those included in Class I and which discharge less than 150,000 of wastewater per month.
    • For customers in Class III, the surcharge will be $1.80 for each 1,000 gallons
Pass Through of Charges
Again, this charge is a ”pass through” of charges placed on the City of Burleson by the City of Fort Worth for the treatment of wastewater. This additional charge was implemented October 1, 2006.

Additional Information
For additional information regarding Ordinance C-605-06 go to the Class Surcharge Q and A page, or contact the City of Burleson Public Works Department at 817-426-9830.