Mayor's Youth Council

MYC Group 2022 (2)


Mayor's Youth Council meets at 7 p.m. on the 4th Monday of every month (subject to change)

Agendas & Minutes

Check the Public Notices for any currently posted agenda for this committee.

Archived Notices

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Christian Steele, Chair
Mayce Ball, Vice Chair
Alexa Samorano, Secretary
Alana Martinez, Communications Officer
Emma Kornegay, Historian


Sorcha Ahrens
Ty Blair
Lillian Boatwright
Gavin Bloom
Mason Cashion
Eric Sanders
Madison Voa
Dylan Forbus
Preston Hamilton
Emma Hammett
Claire Woodruff
Wyatt Klotther
Afifa Satter
Ely Terrell
Abbie Thumudo
Stormy Stanford
Lindsi Bennet
Gage Carlson

Board Responsibilities

Burleson Mayor’s Youth Council is a group of 25 voting youth members, 3 adult voting members, and various city staff and community members. In an effort to include a diverse prospective, the youth are selected through a lottery process.  

The Mayor's Youth Council is tasked with identifying key community issues that face Burleson youth and advising City Council on youth-related matters. The board focuses on being actively and authentically engaged with City Council and voicing new ideas and thoughts about areas that pertain to youth.