Public/Special Event Permit

Public Event Permit
A public event, as defined in the city's Code of Ordinance, Chapter 70, Article V is as follows:

A temporary event, gathering, meeting, or organized activity, including but not limited to parades, bike races, marathons, fun runs, parking lot parties, concerts, carnival or festivals of any size at least of portion of which is held in the city limits that has one or more of the following:

  1. Closing or impacting a public street, sidewalk, or trail;
  2. Impacting or hindering the regular flow of traffic;
  3. Blocking or restricting city-owned property;
  4. Sale or distribution of merchandise, food, or beverages on city-owned property;
  5. Erection of a tent equal to or greater than four hundred (400) square feet in area;
  6. Installation of a stage, band-shell, trailer, van, portable building, grandstand, or bleachers;
  7. Placement of portable toilets on city-owned property; or
  8. Having an impact on public safety.

Any events that meet the above qualifications shall submit a Public Event Application for review by the special event committee. 


Public Event Permit Fee: $250
Tent Permit: $100
Carnival/Circus Permit: $50
Pyrotechnic Display: $150 per display per day

Neighborhood Block Parties

Neighborhood block party is defined as an organized small-scale activity that closes a small number of blocks on a local-service, residential street that is initiated by and intended to attract only local residents who live on or in close proximity to the street being closed and not intended for the general public, and which attracts or can be expected to attract no more than two hundred fifty (250) persons at any instant during the gathering or activity.

The city believes that neighborhood block parties are in the public interest and a benefit to the citizens. Persons organizing a neighborhood block party are required to obtain a permit at least (30) days before the intended date. The public event official, or designee, may determine that the application can be processed in a shorter time period, taking into consideration the nature and scope of the proposed event.

There is no fee to obtain a neighborhood block parties permit however the event may be subject to other city fees (e.g. tent permit fees). Neighborhood block parties are exempt from the insurance requirements. Neighborhood block parties are exempt from street closure approval from city council, unless a major thoroughfare will be affected.

Major thoroughfares are  any street in the city with more than two lanes for vehicular travel, including the sidewalk and right-of-way of along such street, and shall also specifically include the following streets Renfro Street, Wilshire Boulevard, Hidden Creek Parkway and John Jones Drive including the sidewalks and rights-of-way along such streets.

Submit an application for a Neighborhood Block Party