Garage Sale Information

The list of permitted garage sales will be available online each Wednesday by 5 p.m. The weekly list will also be posted for viewing in the foyer at Burleson City Hall by 5 p.m. on Wednesdays. For your garage sale to be listed, you must obtain your garage sale permit by noon on Wednesday. The cut-off time to apply for a garage sale for that same week is Friday at 3 p.m.

The City of Burleson requires a permit for garage sales (2nd-hand goods). There is no fee for garage sale permits from the City of Burleson. The City does not supply the garage sale signs, but you are required to write your permit number on your signs. Please view the Garage Sales Ordinance, and also the recent Garage Sales Ordinance Amendments (PDF).
Highlighted Requirements
  • Signs to be used for a garage sale shall be no larger than 15" X 22"
  • No more than 3 signs shall be allowed for each permit issued
  • One sign shall be posted on the property where the sale is being conducted
  • The sign shall be placed in a location visible from the street
  • Signs can not be placed on utility poles or on any right-of-way and may not be closer than 10 feet to the street pavement - Signs cannot be placed on vehicles (Additional sign(s) placed off premise must be on privately owned, developed, occupied property, subject to permission of the property owner)
  • Sales are limited to 2 per calendar year, and not to exceed 3 consecutive days in length
  • Any sign in violation of the regulations is subject to removal by City ordinance, and the related sale holder will be cited
  • On-premise signs may be posted 24 hours before the sale, but must be taken down within 24 hours after the sale
A map of garage sale locations will be provided as time allows. The interactive map for the garage sales is updated as the garage sales are entered.

Permits may be obtained at City Hall - Building Permits and Inspections. Call 817-426-9632 for more information. Permit applications can also be submitted online through this website.