10 to Try Challenge

10 to Try is a year-long challenge for all ages that asks you to read a book in each of 10 categories, keep track of your reading, and share your favorite discoveries with the library and your fellow readers.

Sign up at burlesontx.beanstack.com and use the hashtag #10totryburleson on social media to share your progress. 

January- Be Kind

Read a book that inspires you to be kind to others. Click here for recommendations.

February- Thriller

Read a heart-pounding thriller. Click here for recommendations.


Read a book that takes place in another country. Click here for recommendations.


Read a book that is set in a library or includes a librarian character. Click here for recommendations.


Read a book that everyone seems to have read but you. Click here for recommendations

June-Texas Author

Read a book written by a Texas author. Click here for recommendations.

July-Graphic Novel

Read a graphic novel. Click here for recommendations.

August- Classics

Read a classic or a newer title that reimagines a classic novel.  Click here for recommendations. 

September- Mythology & Folklore

Read a book that includes mythology, folklore, or legend. Click here for recommendations.

October - Dystopian

Read a dystopian novel. Click here for recommendations

Ten to Try 2023